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6 Cool Accessories to Style an Eastern Look

Picking on a traditional and eastern look is the most common and easiest choice of women in our culture. But it also involves some tricky element to evaluate your sense of style. Especially if you want to look modern and contemporary at the same time.

What can be better than accessories? They can accentuate your desi look with a contemporary glitter. Summer accessory trend 2021 has had some chic street style looks making rounds. Take a look at five of these cool accessories that will amp up your game.

  1.       Barrettes

It is time to dig up your stash of Goody because barrettes, the hair accessory from your childhood, are making a comeback. From traditional snap clips (a trend we started seeing in 2018), to bejeweled clips that say words like “feelings” and “anxiety,” barrettes are a surefire way to stand out among the street style set. They are typically worn just on one side, with hair down, and add a touch of personality to any look. It is a brilliantly easy, low-commitment trend to pull off: Just take your hair as is and pin one side back with an oversized, bejeweled, or colorful clip.

  1.       Mini Bags

As iPhones get bigger, sneakers get chunkier, and earrings get wider, handbags are getting smaller. While functionality clearly does not define this trend, the high price tag and air of exclusivity do. From Chanel and BOYY, to Staud and By Far, we have now seen countless high-end takes on this style. Carrying a mini bag enables mobility and feels liberating; less to carry, less to worry about. This year, the micro bag trend has taken a nostalgic turn with popular mini bags copying the aesthetics of decades past. While most mini bags are not big enough to fit an iPhone, and some a credit card, they definitely make a statement, and guarantee a shower of compliments.

  1.       Headbands

As said, hair accessories are fashionable in spring summer 2021. And there are many different types of hair accessories that are in fashion this season. Some are copied from the 90s, some from the 80s and the 70s, and some are new. A headband is the No. 1 key hair accessory trend for spring summer 2021. And a white headband, a headband you simply must add to your spring summer 2021 capsule wardrobe!

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Surprised? Probably not since wide headbands were in style for quite some time now.

Nevertheless, this hair accessory trend got an update for spring summer 2021. The No. 1 most fashionable headband of 2021 is a white headband. All in all, headbands are even more elegant than seasons before. “Wear your headband like you were born with it!” is 2021’s outspoken fashion rule. However, wide headbands are no longer the only headbands in fashion. For spring summer 2021 thin headbands are in style too! In fact, thin headbands are more fashionable than wide headbands for spring summer 2021. Other headbands in style in 2021 are headbands with pearls, headbands with flowers, crochet headband, headband with a veil, and bejeweled headbands. In short, all the headbands you can get. Yes, even that painful plastic headband in neon color.

  1.       Oversized Single Earring

Wearing a single earring is perfectly acceptable, but according to the fall 2020 jewelry trends, it is better if the earring you choose is oversized for maximum drama and contrast. You can also combine one large earring with a tiny, barely perceptible stud in the other ear if you do not want to leave one ear totally bare.

  1.       Scarves

We have got a trend alert, as we are here to show you amazing neck scarves that are absolute must-haves! All you need is a skinny silk version that can be tied tight around your neck. Tie it one or two times, depending on the scarf length. By the way, even the simplest scarf can look incredibly chic; all you need is to style it the right way. Neck scarves look awesome with completely anything! Sure, no matter with what clothes you are going to wear this scarf, but what kind of scarf you are about to wear. The design and the way you tie it are very important!

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  1.       Wide Belts

A wide waist or even a corset belt is a huge accessory trend for this year, and it’s now one – many celebrities started wearing it. Wanna know how to style it, too, and look hot and edgy? Let’s dive into this trend!

Wide waist belts with all kinds of buckles and in all kinds of shades and patterns are a must this year. You really need to buy one or several ones to accent your looks including outerwear – oversized blazers and coats. Wear such a belt on your pantsuit to create a trendy work look. Get inspired!

We hope you found these six accessories on styling your eastern look quite trendy!

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