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Why Pakistan Fashion Week is Favorite of All

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Pause, rewind, reboot. The coronavirus began its rampage through the world nearly a year ago and brought life to a standstill. Locked down, with no end in sight, we slowed our pace, self-reflected; look back at what really mattered before ultimately, striding ahead into a ‘new normal’. Many, including us, hoped that this bout of reinvention would turn out to be a blessing for Pakistan’s fashion industry. For the last year, since Pakistan’s first coronavirus related lockdown in March 2020, fashion shows have taken place virtually or with designers opting for individual, socially distant presentations.

Pakistan Fashion Week

Pakistan Fashion Week (PFW) is a fashion event annually held in Karachi, Pakistan. The Fashion Pakistan Council (FPC) an organization based in Karachi organizes the event. Due to the increased outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) last year, the Fashion Pakistan Council (FPC) announced the decision to postpone its annual event, Pakistan Fashion Week 2020 until further notice.

Presenting collections in a glamorous atmosphere, best suited to watch a designer’s craftsmanship and vision, Pakistan Fashion Week 2021 will be embracing the new digital format utilized globally. The collections will be live-streamed along with the show from the venue. In a post-Covid-19 environment, FPW will be following International Fashion week’s trends and SOP guidelines by restricting seating and traditional fashion week practices.

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Why is Fashion Week Favorite of All?

  1.       You’ll see the latest in fashion

That is what Fashion Week is about, right? If you have a thing for fashion, this is the place to see the latest Pakistani fashion trends. Fashion week is an event to celebrate the art of fashion; the creative processes that are showcased in a collection of garments. The clothes displayed shows a story and a vision about the future. The event is one way of consuming fashion, which is beautiful and brings joy.

  1.       It Will Give More Exposure

Exposure is necessary for anyone trying to build a brand, blog or business. As creatives, we all need exposure and fashion week will give you just that. Due to the significantly high number of attendees at fashion week, you are bound to be seen by so many different people. The combination of meeting new people, press features and putting yourself out there will all lead to more exposure.

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  1.       Make Industry Friends

Having friends in your industry is very important no matter what field you are in. They are able to give you advice and keep you in the loop of what is going on in your industry. By attending fashion week, you will meet a concentration of people that are just as crazy about fashion as you are.

  1.       You’ll See The Value Of Fashion

The fact that fashion is a daily religious routine of global citizens all over the world is proof of its value. It is made even more valuable by those of us who take the simple art of getting dressed to new heights by adding innovation to it. Going to fashion week and seeing how hard people in the industry work and how seriously they take their craft will inspire you to do the same.

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