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Bridal Wear

Bridal Floral Jewelry Designs That Every Bride Should Check Out!

Bridal Floral Jewelry Designs

If there is one bridal fashion trend that is in full bloom, it is that of floral jewellery and for all the right reasons!

Floral jewellery for brides has been the biggest game changer in recent years. Who had thought that flowers could not only beautify the wedding decor but a bride as well? Well, nowadays we hardly see any bride who is not styling floral jewellery with her Mehndi or Dholki outfit. Not only do flowers look absolutely stunning with a dose of freshness and fragrance but also provide relief from those heavy bridal metallic jewellery. 

From Lilly to orchards, rose to marigold you can choose any kind of flower to glam up your bridal look. Adorn floral jewellery for your Mehndi or Dholki and create a pretty welcoming and subtle look.

But, let’s first look at the bridal floral jewelry designs that every bride should check out!

  • Flower Bracelets

Such floral bracelets are charming and beautiful and are ideal to wear at your pre-wedding ceremonies such as Dholki or Mehndi. You can select the flowers you want to add to your bracelet according to the ensemble you are wearing. Some of the most popular flowers used for flower jewellery for brides are jasmine and marigold. You can either wear one type of flower in your bracelet or add different ones.

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  • Bun Floral Roll

Making up for the quintessential and timeless bridal hairstyles ever, hair buns are undoubtedly the most coveted and traditional style of bridal hairdos. In fact, gorgeously bedecked bun hairstyles are synonymous with a classic bridal look. Whether you wear a saree or a lehenga, slip into a flamboyant gown or a rather casual dress, there is a bridal bun for all kinds of outfits and all kinds of ceremonies. Right from simplistic gajra buns to the modernly accessorized ones, the realm of bridal bun hairstyles is far too wide. If you are a fan of having your hair accessorized in eclectic blooms, then go high on flowers and make your bridal bun hairstyle all about them. Pick unique colors, distinctive varieties or even a whimsical mix and go all extra!

  • Floral Hairband or Tiara

Tiaras are usually considered more elaborate than headbands as they make for a more eye-catching accessory on a bride. Therefore, if you are looking to minimize your jewellery, adding a tiara to your look can cover up for the same while still making you look like a bride. Composed of handcrafted clay flowers with delicate ruffled petals to newly formed blooms set against a leafy vine in warm golden tones. Portraying visions of garden weddings and relaxed afternoon receptions, this tiara compliments the romantic bride.

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  • Floral Anklets

Floral anklets with baby breath and carnations are just too pretty. Don’t you want to save this one already for your B-day? We feel anklets are the most neglected ornament of all! Maybe because they are hidden under those flared lehengas, but trust us they look insanely beautiful. Modern brides are putting extra efforts to ensure that they have a picture flaunting this gorgeous feet accessory. Real or artificial, minimal or extra, whatever you may choose, they are bound to leave you mesmerized.

  • Flower Necklace 

A simple flower necklace or a garland is a piece of great flower jewellery for bride during pre-wedding ceremonies. During your Mehndi ceremonies, such flower necklaces look bright and have a soothing effect. They almost always go well with the bride’s attire. You can mix and match the flowers in your flower necklace or make it out of one flower. No matter what you choose, this looks beautiful and makes you look very charming.

  • Flower Earrings

When you think of a truly romantic wedding, it is hard to get visions of flowers out of your head. While you might think the classic wedding staple is just for your tables and aisles, utilizing flower elements in your accessories is one of our favorite ways to up the romance factor on a bride’s day-of look. Currently, we are feeling all the love for floral statement earrings. Flower earrings are a fun, easy way to add a pop of color, personality, or both. From small, gold flower studs celebrating your wedding month to big, bold black blooms for the off-beat bride, we’ve come to find floral earrings work for just about everyone and every theme.

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